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ARCA EDUCATION CENTER is a center of excellence dedicated to the renewal of education in Romania. Through a strong theoretical and practical structure and an absolute devotion to researchers, teachers and students, ARCA's mission is to put education in contact with institutions and companies.


Through the NOESIS project - unique of its kind - ARCA will create 7 campuses in as many cities in Romania. The first one, in Bucharest, is dedicated to the solutions of the crises of our time.

The opportunity to work with ARCA, the themes and stimuli are real lifeblood in our writing and creation process since 2016.


How we helped ARCA:

- Institutional presentations
- E-learning for the Mentoring Course
- Streaming lessons
- Online exam sessions with individual assessment
- Facebook editorial plan and moderation
- Website texts and visuals
- Website functionalities for registered users
- Direct marketing and database management


What we learned from ARCA:

ARCA allows us to get involved every week with new topical issues dedicated to research, education and society. At the same time it allows us to work on long-term projects observing how a brand with a strong and well-defined social mission grows.

This case history is a reference for:

- Schools and Universities

- Companies with a strong Corporate Communication component

- Institutes of innovation and research in the scientific and humanistic field

- E-learning companies




Original content creation and moderation of the Facebook page.

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