B2B Strategy and Campaign

AZETSHOP is an online store dedicated to the world of laptops and cell phones. It serves local, private and corporate customers, with original and tested spare parts.

This customer has commissioned us to implement a B2B development plan. Our response was consulting, digital direct marketing with a target of 150 new companies, database activity and creation of newsletters and sales scripts.


How we helped AZETSHOP:

- Logo and brand identity
- Website visuals
- Criteria to indentify key buyers
- Database of companies per size and industry
- Newsletter templates
- Sales scripts
- Sales collaterals
- Training


What we learned from AZETSHOP:

Expanding your B2B market is a challenge. Approaching new companies means understanding a set of needs which is different from the ordinary consumer. This is why we proposed specific, direct and engaging communications.

Identifying purchasing managers is a widespread process and depends on sector and sector. For our client we have focused on IT Managers, Owners, HR Managers and Purchase Managers, a capital on which to expand intelligence and direct contact activities.


This case history is a reference for:

- Ecommerce
- Small business owner
- B2C companies interested in addressing a new B2B market




A whole new logo, visual identity and images for website and social media.

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