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The service that offers you the most in-depth guidance while you start your own first steps.

Some entrepreneurs and companies are only at the beginning of their activity. In many cases they have rightly focused on the core activities of their product and service, leaving out the part of online communication and promotion.

Let's talk about it without rhetoric. What does digital marketing mean? Is it really necessary to create a site? And if so, at what price? Who will manage you the social channels for you? How will you create a process of fulfillment for your ecommerce?

We can guide you in this process with the same simplicity and frankness of our online consulting service, proposing a package of appointments together.

They are real operational meetings where we look together with your data, bring you market analysis and insight from competitors and study with you your positioning.


We bring you ideas, copy, visual to create a uniqueness in your communication style.

We think about the target audience, we understand which segments of the population may be most interested through demographic or behavioral mechanisms.

We work, together, and in your best interest: we train staff if you have any or tell you directly what really matters in today's digital world for the type of company you are.

In these meetings we are available to evaluate with you digital marketing proposals that you can't fully evaluate. We offer you a third and independent eye on your budget, doing your interest and not that of platforms or large aggregators.

Consider us an ally, a coach, a mentor.

At the end of our meetings you will be ready to go it alone and take your satisfaction.

You will be more critical about the proposals you receive, more focused, more able to develop against happy arguments and intuitions. You will be able to evaluate the trend of online numbers and finally drive this branch of the business independently.



5 apointements of 60 min + all actionable documentation / € 399

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