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It is your clients - the marketplace - who tell us if you are on the right track with your online business. However, it is not uncommon that this market is often not yet defined, or is different from what you imagined it to be. We would even say that it is the most frequent of the cases.

Other times, after a period of growth, it suddenly disappears or changes, leaving you confused about the steps to follow.

It is in this scenario that consulting becomes essential. Forget the image of astrusive professionals and great mental schemes. Consultancy, for us, means simply listening to you, putting order in what we feel and proposing concrete ways of development, actionable and defined over time.

Our most classic case of consulting - often solvable in one meeting - concerns the way you try to reach consumers. We offer you simple answers to these questions:


a) Who can buy your product in your market today?

b) Who sells it better already?

c) What changes can you make to your commercial content?

d) What messages can you pass on in communication?

e) What channels do you have to have and which - after all - are not really necessary?

f) How will you measure your success?


In other cases, the reasons for choosing consulting are more complex. A major digital transformation, the need to create new skills in the workforce or the achievement of an employer branding goal. These are more specific cases for which we use the experience we have gained in international contexts by confronting you with accessible and measurable growth paths.


Consultancy, for us, means this. Simple answers to your questions at an affordable price. Also for this reason we offer you to start with a simple one-hour call at a price of 99€ that will allow you to get a high level strategic document to start making your next decisions. From here, if you want to work with us, you will be followed in every phase of the new thinking that will change your business for the better,


Cost: 60 min / € 99

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