4 marketing trends that flopped in 2020

At the end of each year, trends and forecasts multiply for the 12 months to come. Few, however, look to the year that has just ended to see if what has been imagined has really materialised.

Here are 4 trends – highly anticipated for 2020 – that for various reasons have not exploded.

For phenomena such as Voice search, now a reality through Alexa and Siri, many others are waiting to find favorable conditions to proliferate.

Are we going to take them to 2021 or are we going to wait any longer?


Every year we have the promise that chatbots will become smarter, so much so that we are not distinguishing whether we are talking to a human being or a program. The idea that more and more companies are using advanced chat systems – such as Mastercard – is not yet simply within the reach of even the largest companies. Oracle had indicated that 80% of businesses wanted advanced chatbot systems in 2020, but we're still a long way off. And so, chats remain service features between customer service and customers "the old-fashioned way". We'il talk about this again in a few years.

Conversational marketing

We continue to predict that marketing will become more and more conversational, namely that at the basis of a purchase there is a dialogue. That is not the case. Despite influencer marketing and the daily use of social media, our transactions still take place almost anonymously, with payment and mass distribution conditions, very little possibility of customization and – after all – companies that have little to say or that do not know how to take advantage of the keys that really ignite the conversation.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.

Today we are actually talking about "Extended reality", the technology that brings together AR and VR. However – gaming aside – the application of these technologies in our daily lives has not become a mass phenomenon, nor will it become so during 2021. The acquisition trend is slower than expected and the costs of creating content remain such that even 360° videos alone are rare in the productions even of the large companies.

Ecommerce via social media

It may be for next year. The creation of shops in Facebook has not been enough to launch social networks as real purchasing platforms, although the growth of influencer marketing is a good sign, search engines and large ecommerce platforms remain the main search and purchase drivers and the "shoppable posts" are still rare.

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