Improve your store with custom playlists

The experience inside shops, malls and restaurants goes beyond simply providing a product or service. Having customers who are comfortable within your commercial space is of paramount importance for two reasons.

The first is of a practical nature: within each store there are rules, or rather, behaviors that you expect from consumers in terms of path, actions, expectations, discoveries. These activities can be easily punctuated by music.

The second is about the storytelling of your brand: what atmosphere do you want to create? What messages can you deliver through musical choices that say something about you?

If you choose to simply have a radio commercial you will miss the opportunity to tell something different. You will be like the others, or rather, you will leave others the chance to stand out through this tool. Think about it: there are a lot of lights, colours, presence and availability of the staff, but music is an extra dimension at a very low cost and with the advantage of not taking up space.

A custom music selection:

1. Allows customers to see more products

Don't stop at the ability to make your shop windows more attractive, or your efficiency in intelligently organizing your shelves and displays. Music with quiet tempo (80-90 bpm) is proven to drive customers to have slower shopping. People will be more inclined to walk around your store and, at the same time, discover more things.

So, watch out for the pace. Have you managed to make a playlist with a constant and consistent time between the various songs or do you need a hand?

2. Helps up-selling

Spending more time in a store increases the possibility to buy. What atmosphere do you want to create? In addition to the rhythm, think about the kind of music. The pop, rock, folk songs has a structure with a beginning and an end in a sequence of distinct emotions. Typically, if we like it, we want to finish listening. On the other hand, easy listening or new age and ambient mixes create a nuanced, rarefied atmosphere, where it is difficult to create an emotion, but more a general well-being.

Which of the two extremes is your shopping experience?

3. Allows you to better tolerate queues and delays

If we are well, if we have something to do or discover, even the unexpected is also experienced differently. Do your store customers use shazam to discover the music that’s coming from your speakers? If the answer is no, you probably have a chance to rethink your musical choices. Create a mix of famous songs and new discoveries, perhaps preferring the latter in a ratio of 30 to 70. Give your customers something new and don't forget: a couple of hours playlist isn't enough, or you'll always have the same music!

4. Help staff be more motivated

Often the staff wants to choose music to make its stay during working hours more enjoyable. It is human and natural. Collaborate with them in creating playlists. However, if they are not proactive – or if they cannot agree on the style of music – take this into your hands. It will be a nice experience to know that your employer is also interested in this aspect of working day well-being. Do they need calm to reflect? Do they need energy? Music, as always, is crucial.

5. Build your brand.

What is your brand about? What messages do you want to give?

If you are at the beginning and have found this article interesting , entrust your playlist to Digital At Play. Write to us here or contact us by email. We will choose with you the rhythms, the style, the origin of the music that best suits your brand and your audience, as we already do for other customers. We will create hours of custom playlists that you can organize depending on the time of day and what happens in store. In addition, Digital At Play offers the possibility to update your playlists or continuously create new playlists. Why not try it?

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