Promotion and social media

It is often the most requested topic by small companies and often a source of misunderstandings. What does it mean to promote a product?

Is there an instant recipe to bring hundreds or thousands of visitors to your site in a few days?


Actually, yes, it exists and it's called digital advertising.

With today's digital planning capabilities, you can contact a very large number of people in a few moments, often on a tight budget through "microboosting" practices.


These practices are accessible, relatively simple and offered by many agencies. The results, however, are often not in line with expectations. Why is that?


Large search engines, social platforms and vertical online aggregators are unquestionable allies for the success of your business. Just think for a moment what does every day for the hotel category or AirBnb for home owners or Amazon for merchants.


Yet often it is not your best interest to be involved and the dynamics with these platforms become increasingly impacting your business if you do not proceed with a balanced method and realistic goals.


If you share this approach, if you think it's right to create awarness about your products and services and want to create a responsible and safe way to approach the world of digital promotion we are here to help you.


We will take care of the logic of mass planning and micro targeting. We will evaluate your proprietary data - if you have it - and how to value it in the wider ecosystem of the big data world.

We will create simple and inclusive communication messages, retargeting mechanisms, and budget optimization.

We will set a clear path towards conversion, directing you - if needed - to certified partners and leaders in advertising of individual platforms.


We will evaluate with you every euro spent, its return and its optimization, reminding you that we have no interest in the performance of third platforms, nor in how much you invest, but we care only about the satisfaction of your activities.


From € 199 per month / per channel

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