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Some companies come to us with the aim of rethinking and recreating themselves completely. This means that they rely on our experience to question all the elements of their brand.


They want a new logo, a new payoff, in-line colors that can give them identity and above all they want strong and market-proof motivations. They want a tone of voice, an approach, a way that makes them distinguishable from all others.

They need to put all of their communication pieces back into action, starting with the website, brochures, social channels, magazines, podcasts and whatever else they have created. They are looking for values, stories, behaviors, models that define "who they are" with simplicity to all consumers and other companies.


They want a clear branding path, with a strong setting and the ability to be measured and evaluated over time. They want - within a reasonable time - their name and image to be known to more people, appreciated, valued.


In some cases the brand itself becomes a measurable economic asset and is in turn sold to a third company or becomes part of economic partnership negotiations. In this we offer strategic consulting, legal advice, evaluation of the existence of the brand within the markets and geographical boundaries that we define together, leading you on the road to trademark registration.


For this and much more we have created our Total Branding Experience package.



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